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WIIGWAAZII: The Evolving Traditions of Birch

The Madeline Island Museum is open for the 2021 season!

The exhibit, "Wiigwaazii: The Evolving Traditions of Birch" will be on view from July 22 to October 23, 2021. For more on the Madeline Island Museum health and safety guidelines, location, and general information, click on the button below.


Thank you for supporting our art exhibit, "Wiigwaazii: The Evolving Traditions of Birch" at Madeline Island Museum, LaPointe, WI.

A huge thank you for everyone who took the time to visit the art exhibit, your time and support is truly appreciated. We would like to thank our families and friends for their continuous support of our art.

A special thank you to Keldi Merton, Site Director and the Madeline Island Museum staff who made this art exhibit possible.




Pat & Terri

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